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Passos Manuel Club

My favourite place to go out in Porto is still the Passos Manuel club. It started as the Coliseu do Porto’s studio cinema, from 1971 until 2002. After it was closed, it was transformed into a multidisciplinary club in 2004, by António Guimarães / “Becas”, the man behind “Anikibobó” (1985-2005), the bar that ruled over Porto’s nightlife for 20 years, constantly innovating. It’s a small club with most activity, especially on the calmer weekdays, taking place in the foyer. In the basement, you will find a dancefloor, which is open every Friday and Saturday night with great Portuguese and international dance music. But if house and techno are not your things, don’t worry: during the week, the music is calmer and more retro. In addition, there is the old cinema room, which still holds several cinema festivals and programmes, as well as concerts and small live acts from a variety of musical genres.