Breakfast Order

Dear guest, following industry standards to ensure your safety, we ask you to please fill out this questionnaire to let us know your breakfast preferences for tomorrow. Simply select the items you want and for how many people. We ask you to select your preferred service time but please be aware that that is subject to availability and must be confirmed by our front office staff.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our front office or through +351 213 461 381.

Data / Date

Nº de Quarto ou cama / Room or Bed Number

Para comer / To eat:

Pão / Bread


Queijo / Cheese

Fiambre / Ham

Bolo caseiro / Homemade cake

Iogurte / Yogurt

Fruta da época / seasonal fruit

Ovos mexidos / scramble eggs

Omelete / Omelet

Ovos estrelados / Fried eggs

Para beber / To drink:

Sumo laranja / Orange juice

Café americano / American coffee

Café expresso / Expresso


Coffee with Milk / Café c/ leite

Chocolate quente / Hot Chocolate

Água / water

Pedidos Especiais / Special Requests