Taberna de Santo António

This small and traditional restaurant is located near Miradouro Passeio das Virtudes, one of the most beautiful places in the city and it is owned by two of the most extraordinary people I have had the chance to meet. They came from Mêda, from the countryside, to the city over 25 years ago to open this restaurant. 25 years of resilience and hard work that have only now started to pay off. Mr. Vítor, the owner, at the counter and Mrs. Herminia, his wife, in the kitchen, are a delight to the stomachs and the hearts of their visitors. I could talk about a few dishes and wines, since I know them all by heart from all the times that I stopped by for a meal or a chat, but I won’t. It’s better if you go over and discover for yourself.

Rua das Virtudes nº 32, Porto