Surf’s up!

Since we’re located so close to beautiful beaches with great waves (and good looking and friendly people), we have to mention surf!

On the Porto margin, the best place for beginners is Matosinhos. For a great day out, sign up for a class in the Onda Pura surf school. If you know your away around a surfboard, head to Leça beach instead.

On our side of Douro, if you keep following the river (a great walk to take any day of the week) you will find the Salgueiros beach, a cool beach for surfing, and also to hang out at the Grão d’Areia, a cosy little beach bar. You can also sign up for surfing, bodyboard and longboard lessons at Porto Surf Scape.

If you want to keep going, head to Sereias beach in Espinho, where you can not only catch some great waves but also get a tasty lunch at the Praia Sereias Bar terrace.

But if you really want an unbelievable full day of surfing, away from everything and everyone, head to the desert Maceda beach with a picnic; you won’t regret it!

Onda Pura – Escola de Surf (Praia de Matosinhos)


+351 967 347 697

Porto Surf Escape (Praia de Salgueiros)


+351 918 424 517