Fabric of the Universe

Fabric of the Universe is simultaneously a home decoration shop and the atelier where Catarina and Pedro Graça Moura work on architecture, design and interior design projects. They’ve found a shared passion in art, furniture and space design. The shop is decorated just like a house where everything is for sale, from the paintings on the wall to the furniture and even small decorative objects.
In addition to the items from all over the world, brought back from multiple trips, you can also find pieces from their own brand, Fabric of The Universe, designed by the couple and executed by Portuguese artisans. The couple enjoys working with natural materials in their raw state, such as copper, wood and marble.
The name of the brand reflects a passion for the universe and the realisation that everything is part of a greater design. And also, that our home is our own little universe, in which these objects are something that is part of it and contributes to its creation. Mixing references and items skilfully, Catarina and Pedro create unique environments, where the old and the new coexist in harmony.

Fabric is located in Quarteirão das Artes no Porto, and often host exhibitions by local artists


Rua do Breiner 208, Porto