The House of Sandeman - Almanac

Daily Day

You really can’t miss Daily Day when you are walking down Avenida dos Aliados, located at the city’s bustling heart. The shop front is just as striking as what is for sale inside. As the name suggests this concept store is open all the 7 days and its designs on offer makes for elegant design and unique fashion creations that won’t tire over time. Here you can find a merge between new work by designers that are still relatively unknown, but also established yet trendy brands as La Paz, Portuguese Flannel, Hugo Costa, Say My name, among others.

It’s also a place of a strong focus on interpreting the latest fashion design trends and if you are lucky enough you could also be presented with all sort of cultural and experiential events which makes all the experience even better.


Praça General Humberto Delgado nº 236,Porto