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Rua – Tapas & Music Bar

I love coming here, especially on Thursdays for the “Samba Rodas”, a weekly samba special. It’s a vibrant location with regular live music and a perfectly set terrace. Located in the centre of Porto’s nightlife, Rua has almost nightly events which bring the liveliness of street parties indoors – “We named it Rua because the experience is all about the outside, in the mix of sounds, smells and people. The life of the undefeated city reborn, full of people, a life created on the edge of pavements” –  A must-go because of the tapas, the pastry “francesinha” the stuffed portobello, the batatas bravas, the coconut shrimp…all with excellent quality!

Travessa de Cedofeita, 24
T. 917 356 644
Closed on Monday

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